Our proposals

The site presents the opportunity to create a sustainable and mixed development which will integrate new residents into the existing local community. Our commitment is to deliver a high quality approach to tenure blind architecture that will set a new standard for future schemes in Westminster.

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Our proposals will deliver:

  • A landmark design-led development to form a focal point for the wider Church Street regeneration plans;

  • Around 160 high quality new residential units, including affordable housing, provided in three new residential blocks;

  • New pedestrian route to re-open the historic north / south access route between Fisherton Street and Salisbury Street;

  • Extensive public realm improvements, including the creation of a landscaped green spine;

  • The retention of large sections of the existing railway walls where possible and re-use of the bricks wherever possible; and

  • High quality architecture designed to integrate and enhance the character of the surrounding area.

Commitment to sustainability

Our proposals include a strong focus on sustainability which will be incorporated within the design of the scheme. Measures will include sustainable urban drainage solutions, minimising waste to landfill, planting, green walls and green/brown roofs, all of which will encourage wildlife and biodiversity within the area.

There will also be a strong emphasis on the use of environmentally friendly construction materials and processes, with the retention and re-use of existing materials where possible.