The Site

The site is bounded by Luton Street to the north, Samford Street to the south, Penfold House to the west and Bledlow Close to the east.

In 2011 the site was identified as a key site in need of regeneration within the ward. Initial proposals were prepared following several years of consultation by local charity Vital Regeneration, with input from local residents, the Luton Street Working Group and Westminster City Council.

Aerial view of existing site

The redevelopment of the site forms an important part of plans for the wider regeneration of the area. The development is one of the first major sites to come forward and will act as a catalyst for further regeneration across the area.

The site lies on what was the junction of Princes and Salisbury Streets, which were fronted by terraced houses until the 1890’s. In March 1899, the Great Central Railway Company opened Marylebone Station and the site was acquired by the railway company to be developed as a coal yard to serve the new station. The coal yard was accessed via a tunnel under Lisson Grove, and in order to maintain the prevailing railway grade, was excavated to approximately three metres below the level of the surrounding streets.

There are several remains of the Great Central coal yard, including the brick retaining walls which bordered the depot along the side of Luton, Penfold and Salisbury Streets.